About me,

Hi, ….. I wish I could skip this part and go straight to the music coz it ain't easy to write about ones self while sounding interesting. With that in mind please bare with me while I give you a brief intro to my background, ...right then,


I cannot remember a time when the guitar has not been part of my life, and I'll tell you what....,

I'm not even a tiny bit bored, it is my passion which grows and develops with each passing year.


Some people use to tell me “Why do you waste time playing guitar? It doesn't bring in the dough!”


To me it brings something more than just “dough”, it helps me to cope with all aspects of life, kind of like in that Labrinth song Express Yourself -  “whatever you do, do it good”.

Playing the guitar through the years has brought a deeper meaning to the world around me and it puts some colour into the grey.


My approach towards the music? Right music in a right time, I don't stick to just one style, I listen, play or write a kind of music I feel in a particular moment, and when performing whether it's a Latin, Flamenco, Blues, Baroque, Classical the most important for me is to recreate the right pulse and expression that a piece possesses


I went through many guitar styles from acoustic, bass, electric to classical and flamenco at present, even though I went to a private music school where I developed an array of classical guitar techniques I spent most time learning myself.


After a journey around world of music my attention turned to composing with classical, flamenco and blues being my main styles. Composing is a field where you can make music by following some patterns and using different techniques or through trial and error.

Personally, I prefer the latter as it feels more natural to me.


That's pretty much it, …. the journey continues and I hope you'll enjoy what comes out of it.





Lucas (Łukasz) Sobierański, born on 3 April 1981 in Opole, Poland, currently living in Manchester, England.