French Mandolins

Here are instruments photos and videos from past restoration projects. It is a gallery only, for instruments available for sale please see page "Instruments for Sale"

Double Top Mandolin

Made by Rene Gerome

An interesting antique mandolin with double soundboard made by French Luthier Rene Gerome, possibly around 1930's

Mandolins back and sides are made of Beautifully Flamed Maple stained orange and close grained Spruce Soundboard(s), it has Ebony Fingerboard with 20 frets (plus zero fret), the Neck is made of one piece Maple stained brown as well as the bridge, the Armrest is made of Rosewood. The edging, pickguard inlay and position dots are possibly made of perloid.


Mandolin is fitted with new custom gauge Nickel wound Ernie Ball set of strings


G.032 – D.022 -A .013 – E.09


Instrument dimensions are as follows:


- total length 64.5cm

- body width 23cm

- from zero fret to 12th fret 167.5mm (total scale length 335mm)

- Neck width at nut is 27.7mm, at 9th fret 35.1mm


Flat Back Mandolin

An unbranded mandolin very likely to be made in France as it's made in style of Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy

The Mandolin was in really bad condition, completely smashed. Before it could be repaired it had to be even more disassembled but slowly put together piece by piece it was brought back to life. It was possible to retain all original parts apart from frets that were too low to be reconditioned so modern narrow fret wire has been used. It is now fully playable instrument and for a sound sample see video below. Mandolin is fitted with Aquila Red Series set of strings.

French Mandolin
French Mandolin
French Mandolin
French Mandolin
French Mandolin