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Johann Sebastian Bach
Five pieces transcribed and arranged for Mandolin

1. Preludium - from Cello Suite No.1 BWV 1007
2. Minuet - from Suite in B minor BWV 1067
3. Sarabande - from I Partita in B minor BWV 1002
4. Double - from I Partita B minor BWV 1002
5. Badinerie - from Suite in B minor BWV 1067

Written in Staff and Tabulature


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Early Music Collection
Transcribed and arranged for Mandolin

1. Ja nus hons pris - Richard I Lionheart
2. Palästinalied - Walther von der Vogelweide
3. The Old Spagnoletta - Giles Farnaby
4. Come with me – Lucas Sobieranski
5. Polonez - from Baltic Tabulature 1740 - H. Martens
6. Largo - from Sonata in F major TWV 41:F4 – G. P. Telemann
7. Skocznym Ja - Lucas Sobieranski
8. Lascia ch'io pianga – G. F. Handel Mandolin and Guitar Duet

Written in Staff and Tabulature

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Two Nocturnes for Classical Guitar by Lucas Sobieranski

Notation : Staff and Tabulature

Pages: 17pp

Format: A4

Print: Paperback Colour cover, Black & White print

Editiond Number: LS01

Price: £5.95


Available at   Boosey & Hawkes

Sample  PDF

More scores available in downloadable PDF format at

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